Income Tax

The solidary basic income scheme ties in with the solidary basic income tax (a uniform Flat-tax) to the plan of Paul Kirchhoff and other famous economic reformers. A uniform tax rate on every income creates a transparent and fair tax system.

It should levy 40 percent on every income also the ones of renting and interest. The gross basic income scheme at the level of 600 € a month or rather 7.200 € a year correspond to an income tax rate of 40 percent a basic allowance of 1.800 € a year. The net basic income scheme amounts to 400 € a month or rather 4.800 € a year without the health bonus. The basic allowance of 12000 € a year correspond to an income tax rate of 40 percent. With the basic income scheme increase the effective relief of the basic allowance which is 50 percent higher for adults amounts to 8.004 € and more than 70 percent for children amounts to 7.008 € today.

The new income tax is a solidary one because the recipient of higher income will pay a “positive income tax” to the tax office. The ones who doesn’t have some income or just have small own income get the basic income scheme as a negative income tax from the tax office but it dependence on the own income.