Trust the people
The plan of the solidary basic income scheme should: 
· Increase the motivation to the gainful employment in spite of the perpetuation of the
· lower the transfer withdrawal in smaller income
· Take the costs of the accommodation more into consideration 
· Support and save the families more by similar basic income scheme amounts for
  children and adults that it has to use the best interest of the children.
· Accept the family work of women and men more in pension rights 
· Make sure the financing of the plan doubtless 
· Alleviate the employability by signification

The solidary basic income in amount of 600 € monthly is a fractional unconditional basic income for everyone. It saves the socio-cultural subsistence level.

The basic income scheme contains 200 € health bonus with which everyone have to choose their health insurance and nursing care insurance.

The costs of the accommodation and additional demands will grant after neediness. An additional pension belongs to the basic income scheme and its amount is orientated at the working life and the income.

Moreover mothers and fathers get parents pension when they are older which accept their family work. Different from today the legal pension will be age-wage for live performance.

The social state of the future will finance by a solidary income tax of 40 percent which replaces the previous social security contributions of the employees and the previous income tax. Those who have own income about 1500 € a month pay taxes. But those who have own income among 1500 € a month get basic income scheme as a negative income tax. After a deduction of 200 € a month for the health bonus the tax charge of an average earner is a third lower than today. For everyone work pays off again.

The previous value-added tax is developed to a uniform consumption tax. It gets an expanded assessment base.

The employers pay a payroll tax of 18 percent for additional pension and parents pension, unemployment pay and parents money.

We want to dare more freedom by the solidary basic income scheme where a new culture of mutual trust and cooperation develops.

We want achieve a compensation of the poverty rate in our land, develop more work places, support creativity and health – strengthen the families.

The yes and no to the solidary basic income scheme is a question of the idea of man, too: The ones who know about the image of God and his freedom and dignity are derived. They are more accompanied by the idea of the reforms. 

The solidary basic income scheme helps to seize personal individuality to use our talents and to fulfill our tasks: organize our life and the world in answered freedom.

Everyone can decide if they want to give the socio-political revolution a chance. We inform about the idea and we canvass for the realistic plan. That’s the way dreams come true.