Costs of the solidary basic income scheme

Every citizens who have a Permanent resident status in Germany get basic income scheme in amount of 600 € monthly that are 7200 € a year. In 2010 Germany has 81,5 million inhabitants so there would be 586,8 billion € expenses a year for the solidary basic income scheme.

586,6 billion € gross cost of the basic income scheme a year

21,5 million citizens are 60 years old and they’ll get basic income scheme as a basic pension which will restock by the additional pension and parents pension.

For the 13,5 million children will the basic income scheme replace the present child benefit and child allowance.

Costs of the health sector

      · Everyone have to pay: 200 € monthly >> 2.400 € a year 

      · For 81,5 million citizens (gross total costs)

                   195,6 billion a year

Today the health sector costs 210 billion €.

During the introduction of the solidary basic income scheme in the health sector will flow altogether 220 billion € of the direct and indirect means by the state. That are more 10 billion € than today.

Costs for the unemployment benefit and the parents money

The unemployment benefit II will replace by the solidary basic income scheme. In 2008 the expenses of the unemployment benefit I amounts of 14,6 billion €.

The costs of the parents money amount to 4,7 billion €.

Altogether around 20 billion € have to be at disposal for the unemployment benefit and the parents money.

Costs for the additional and parents pension

The additional pension should amount at maximum three times level of the gross basic income scheme that means a gross basic income scheme pension up to 2.400 € monthly.

For pensioners who get partly larger old claims are also saved.

Retirement Pay 48,26 billion €

Pension 238,13 billion €

Legal old age income today 286,39 billion €

Today 290 billion € for legal old age income are raise for pensioners and retiree. The solidary basic income scheme covers 155 billion € as basic pension.

The state pays the proportionate payroll tax for the additional pension (13,5 percent to a notional educational content of 400 € monthly) for every child. The payroll tax of the state for the additional pension amount to 648,00 € a year for every parent. Both parents means that a payroll tax of 1.296,00 € a year until the 14th birthday of the child for the later additional pension.

For every child the additional contributions of both parents amounts 18.144 €.

Single parents will achieve a notional educational content of 600 € monthly for the additional pension at the level of 972,00 € annual that are altogether 13.608,00 € for every child.

When there are 650.000 newborn a year and every parents take care of their children together then the costs of 14 classes between 8,8 and 11,8 billion €.

Social transfers financed by taxes are cancelled

   · Those are the expenses of the Federal Government for the legal pension scheme. In 2010 more than 80 billion € flow from the federal budget to the legal pension scheme. This corresponds to a third of the whole federal budget which covers a third of the total budget of the legal pension scheme.

    · In the plan of the solidary basic income scheme replace benefits like the expenditures of the Federal Government, the states and the local authorities for civil servant positions, the benefits of pension fund financial assistance and early retirement. In 2009 the Federal Government states and the local authorities put 54 billion € at their disposal. In the next years the expenditures for the pensioners will raise like the expenditures of the legal pension scheme.

    · In 2009 the expenditures for unemployment benefit II amounts to 26 billion €. The budget of the Federal Government includes 15,7 billion € federal grant for the legal health insurance scheme.

   · On top of that 4,7 billion € are for the parents money which aren’t paid financed by taxes.

There will be no more taxes and expenditures

Previous takings by

· Income tax

      · Inclined income tax and the

      · Not inclined taxes of the proceeds.

In 2009 the public hand yield by this 3 taxes takings of 186 billion €.

On top of that are

      · Taxes on the turnover. There are 142 billion € from the turnover tax and 35 billion € from the purchases tax.

      · Also the solidarity surcharge is cancelled. In 2009 the federal budget brings in 12 billion €.

All together about 375 billion € of the previous tax takings are cancelled or have to be replace.

On top of that the expenditures of the social security are cancelled complete on the site of the employee and will replace by the payroll tax on the site of the employer. In 2009 the employer paid about 230 billion € social security contribution. There will be no more expenditures for the pension scheme, health insurance scheme and unemployment insurance and it will replace by the new payroll tax. The contribution of the employer for the accident insurance keeps untouched.

New Taxes and Expenditures

That are the

      · New “solidary income tax” on every income

      · The payroll tax of the employer

      · And the uniform consumption tax.