Start Retirement Pension and Parents Pension
Old-age pension and parents pension

The developed plan of the solidary basic income scheme accounts a legal basic income scheme pension which consists of the unconditional basic income of 600 € as a basic income scheme economic charge a month plus an additional pension. This additional pension should amount to grant after the age of 60 and up to three times sum of the basic income scheme. You can get 1.800 € maximum monthly.

Pensioner could reach with the basic pension and the additional pension a gross basic income scheme of 2.400 €. After the deduction of the 200 € health bonus surrender a net basic income scheme of maximum 2.200 €.

Mothers and fathers get an additional pension rights recognition of their educational performance by the parents pension.

In families the educational performance will recognize pension rights more about the parents pension. The pension of the parents will raise up to 57,12€ per child in contrast to the values of today. Single parents get parents pension of 85,86€ per child in contrast to the values of today. This service correspond to 14 year long payment of a payroll tax for the additional pension for an assume monthly pay of 600 €.

Today one parent gets 27,20€ per child a month if the education hours will recognize in the pension and if the child is born before 1992. But if the child is born after 1992 the parent get 81,60€ a month.