Solidary Basic Income Scheme – an answer to many questions

In many countries exist huge differences between the incomes. Often the reasons of poverty are unemployment and low wages whereof you can’t live. There exist mutual mistrust and no stable regulation framework. A huge part of the citizens feel excluded. But the social climate is decisive for democracy and freedom.

It has to be the target that every society should guarantee the subsistence level for their citizens. At the same time the state have to achieve the subsistence level for everyone and should finance the necessary infrastructure.

  • The unconditional basic income should amount to 60 % of the meridian convention for every citizen.
  • The infrastructure (route, educational facility, health sector) have to guarantee by the state and it is necessary for the citizens to bring in their possibilities.
  • The state achieves a huge part of the takings by the consumption tax. Who buys products and services have to pay tax on it. If it is necessary for the financing of the government spending then can levy a uniform income tax on every income. The income tax liability decrease to the amount of the basic income scheme. A negative amount will paid as basic income scheme (negative income tax):

Negative/positive income tax =
income tax rate : 100 X income – basic income scheme

The basic income scheme develops a culture of mutual trust and cooperation. It creates social security, motivates and promotes creativity. In detail the tradition will adapt to the several countries. Fundamentally the basic income scheme system works in every society. It saves freedom and the dignity of everyone conclusive. The basic income scheme expect and support everyone to realize individual responsibility, to use own talents and to plan the freedom in responsibility for the life and the world.